Chinese families looking to buy real estate in Burlington

My Marketing Partnership with the Chinese Real Estate Market helps bring Chinese Buyers and investors into the Burlington and Oakville Real Estate Markets

My marketing expertise provides you with direct access to potential buyers in China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

As your Realtor, I truly believe that if you're serious about selling your luxury property, there is not a more effective or dynamic marketing program available in the industry today. And my clients and their wonderful properties deserve nothing less. 
Its important to not only market your home to local buyers in the Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville real estate markets but to also market your luxury real estate to the Chinese buyers and investors abroad as well. It's my job as your Realtor to get you as many people interested in your luxury home as possible. So as a part of my services to you I also market your home to the Chinese real estate market.

Chinese professionals are eager to enter the high-end real estate markets in Mississauaga, Burlington and Oakville areas. So its my responsibilty to tap this huge market and bring it to my clients.

Here's some facts to consider:

  • 60% of wealthy families in China are planning to move abroad in the next few years.
  • China is one of the fastest growing groups for international properties.
  • The main reason for immigration includes that Chinese families want their children to get good education and find a new opportunities to increase their wealth.
  • Uncertainties in China's economic growth rate is one of many reasons why they are looking abroad for new opportunities.
  • Wealthy Chinese families are looking to diversify investments overseas and Canada is high on their list.
  • Canada is in addition to the United States are the most popular destinations for immigrants.  And now with Donald Trump as President, Canada is set to increase in popularity.
  • Every month, about 90 million Chinese people around the world look for real estate information on the internet.

As your real estate agent I'm able to promote your luxury property, whether its a villa, apartment or a prestigous estate directly to the Chinese real estate market. Your property will now enjoy the exposure of being advertised within the core of the world's fastest economic growth area in real estate...China! I'll market your home to tens of millions of Chinese buyers/investors. So the advantages for you as a homeowner are very clear when hiring me to market your home.

So contact me and lets get started. We need to sell your home quickly and for the most amount of money!

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