Search all of Burlington, Oakville, Waterdown open house schedules! This way you can be early to view your dream house before it gets sold! 2017 real estate market conditions are so aggressive that tools like this open house finder helps give you an advantage of seeing that special home before its too late!

Click on the open house image below and enter your desired location and have the program help you with planning your visits. You'll see photos of the properties up for sale, open house details and salesperson information as well. If you click on the pictures you'll also be able to view more information on Realtor.ca as well.

An open house is the ideal way to determine where you want to be and to get an idea of what you get for your money. 

And if you actually like the place, nothing beats looking at home in person. Check the water pressure, look inside the closets, take a good look in the basement for musty smells, water stains and foundation cracks. Dig beyond listing data, ask the salesperson thats hosting about the home’s sale history and if there was any past renovations.

A word of advice: The salesperson hosting the open house works for the seller, so be very careful not to disclose information about your budget or how you feel about the place. A good Realtor will leave you very little negotiation room if they know what you can afford and how much you love the home!

If you would like assistance with any of the properties you find I would be honoured to have a chance to meet with you and help find your next home. I have many years of experience in the Burlington, Oakville and Waterdown real estate markets. Please contact me if you have any further questions about properties your potentially interested in.

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*Open house information courtesy of openhouses.ca